Despite having a advanced level level in economics from the prestigious Kiev college, Svetlana Stekolchshikava’s profession prospects seemed bleak.

Under Ukrainian residency guidelines, Stekolchshikava is meant to take into consideration operate in Dneprorudnyy, the gritty provincial town in main Ukraine where she came to be.

There she could easily get a work being a bookkeeper in another of the spot’s failing state industrial enterprises and make about $40 per month.

She took the bait so it is hardly surprising that when Stekolchshikava saw the newspaper ad offering $400 a month for „hostesses and dancers“ in Japan.

Like large number of young feamales in Eastern and Central Europe, Stekolchshikava, 27, was going to be snared in just what is becoming a hugely lucrative enterprise that is criminal the trafficking in females through the previous communist bloc to your rich countries of Western Europe and Asia. (Pokračování textu…)

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